Video Surveillance
Miniature Motion Sensor
The Miniature Motion Sensor is the smallest motion detector in the world and detects all manner of body motions, including hand movement. The noiseless system can be used to activate cameras and other devices and has an adjustable run time device fitted as standard...
Special Operations Drill
The operationally proven Near Silent Drill has been refined and developed over many years of professional operational experience to produce an immensely powerful and near silent low noise drill. In a hostage or surveillance situation the Near Silent Drilling System allows audio and visual ...
Through the Wall Radar
lightweight, durable and highly sophisticated through-wall radar. It is designed to provide police, special forces and the emergency services with accurate covert intelligence of the location and movement of people in situations where it would otherwise be impossible to gain such insight...
Digital Quad Processors & Monitors
Digital color processing. Switchable: quad-mode/full-mode switch. Allows receptions from up to 4 different channels simultaneously Internal Memory (stores 180 min. for a 60-second-interval) New model now up to 4 different channel scramble switch...
Invisible Security Motion Sensor
Voted No. 1 Security product of the year. Designed to protect effectively even the most critical environments by sounding a perimeter alert before an intruder has an opportunity to enter into a sensitive area. The unique technology delivers the necessary data to make...
Pyser Image Enhancer
This kit piece is ideal in situations where there is low light, smoke, haze, fog or rain. It is also a valuable tool during day/night covert operations - to exclude bright extraneous lights, eg lampposts. The EV9 is particularly good at seeing through net curtains...
Wireless Fiber Vision Camera
This tiny remote head color camera has all of the high resolution and light sensitivity you would expect from a CCD camera in this tiny package. It can be easily placed under any doorway or tight space. The flexible snakehead lens is only 6.5mm in diameter...
GSS-UVSC Under Vehicle Surveillance System
Advanced line scan image processing technology to provide a detail inspection result in the form of a complete full color undercarriage image for detailed inspection. The system can be deployed in either portable or fixed mode according to requirements. Vehicles are screened automatically...
  FiberEye Fiberscope
Letís your eyes travel where you canít. This versatile diagnostic tool letís you inspect areas as small as 4mm, see hard-to-reach places without major teardown or disassembly, and discover small problems before they become large problems. Inspect machinery, pipes...
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See also: Video/Audio Surveillance  Audio Surveillance  Day & Night Vision Optics  Tracking & Trailing




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