Ultimate Explosive & Dirty Bomb Detector
The Ultimate Explosive & Dirty Bomb Detector (UEDD) is a highly sensitive, portable, multi- functional explosives detector and analytical system offering optimal power & flexibility for fast, reliable detection and positive identification of all types of explosive substances.

Some exclusive features:

·Touch screen programming & commands
·Option of setting product sensitivity
·Unique infrared sampling mode (not available on any other Explosive Detector), enables the
detection of non-volatile explosives in vapor mode
·New Gun Shot Residue Mode
·Full remote control via USB, RS 232, Ethernet, Internet, GPRS, GSM, WiFi
·EZ-VIEW PC suit for drag&drop data transfer, full remote control and Internet
·Radio active material (Dirty Bomb) Detection (Optional)
·Optional Bar code reader to identify scanned objects

·Easy integration with other security technologies (X- Ray scanners, bomb-squad robots)
·Remote factory diagnostic & repair services via Internet from any global location
·Car charger
·Docking station for 24 hour operation & charge
·Optional Flamable liquid  detection available for additional cost

Additional features:
* Choice of: Two ultra-fast 1-second response
* Continuous Vapor Mode with instant reading
* Analytical Vapor Mode with instant reading and identification or
* Analytical Particulate Mode with detailed identification all operating to highest level of sensitivity

Analytical Particulate Mode and Analytical Vapor Modes offer explosive identification with ultra-low false alarm rate, extreme overload resistance and fast self- cleaning

Highly resistant to potential overload from a wide range of interfering agents and/or various sampled compounds
Extremely low running cost

                       Some examples of application & detection techniques

·Hard case with complete accessories
·110/220 VAC Universal charger & docking station
·Complete Operational Manual

Technical Specifications:

Principal of Detection:

Detectable Substances:

Explosives Type:


Field Programmable:

Display/ Identification:

False Alarm:
Response Time:

Sampling Capability:
Alarm Mode:
Fault Identification:
Warm up / Start Time:
Output / Message Display:
Data Storage Capability:
Remote Communication:
Power Supply:
Power Options:
Battery Life/Duration:

Operational Environment:
Operating Temperature:

Hand held/ Portable
Chemiluminescence Detection (No radioactive source used)
Vapour and Particle Trace detection
Capable of Detecting/Identifying nitrate based explosives, and ICAO Taggants, plus various peroxide based explosives
Nitro based explosives, such as TNT, Dynamite, PETN, Semtex, RDX, C-4, Nitroglycerine, EGDN, DMNB, Black Powder, Plastic Explosives, and ICAO Taggants, TATP, HMDX and various peroxide explosives
1:10-14 (Gas : Air) by vol. for Trace/ Particle detection mode
1:10-12 (Gas : Air) by vol. for Vapour detection mode
Field programmable by trained operator for changing parameters of sensitivity, selectivity, threshold levels etc from the key pad
Red light LED and Audible alarm
Identify the compound detected
Less than 1% under ideal conditions and proper operator usage
Sample intake time: 1~20 seconds (User selectable)
Analysis or response time: 1-30 seconds (Depends on User Mode)
Vapour and Particle mode plus optional Radiation Detection available
Visual and Audio
Automatic adjustment on start-up
Error Message when unit requires service of any kind
30-60 seconds depending on User Mode
LCD display with indicator lights and audio alarm and Identification
Retrieval data via wired, wireless or Bluetooth outputs
Serial, USB and Ethernet
Power switch and keypad
Rechargeable battery (internal) with Docking station
21 Volt battery pack and car adapter
Internal Battery; 3-4 hours continuous operation
21 Volt Battery; +8 hours continuous operation
Operating humidity- 90% RH no condensation
- 50C to + 540C
3.2 kg and shipping weight: 13 kg with all accessories and case
105 x 260 x 170 mm
CE Compliant; EU CAA Certification

Ultimate Explosive & Dirty Bomb Detector (UEDD) compared to other explosive detectors currently on the market
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